What Does Adil Baguirov Wedding Mean?

For his understanding, the next writings in Azerbaijani Turki are actually preserved from Ahead of the Ilkanid ear: historian Masud ibn-Namdar (12th century), Alim ibn-Mukhenna (twelfth century), poet Ali (1233). Certainly The actual fact that there are such terrific Turkic eposes as Dede Korkut and Oghuz Nameh, which might be oral tales from at the very least 1300 ago, and oldest manuscript of which was composed in 1053, and use an exceptionally abundant language, proving which the Azerbaijani Turki language was nicely shaped by Nizami’s time – Despite the fact that obviously its all relative, considering the fact that the process of evolution and progress and perfection is endless.

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Also, IV) Persian/Farsi, is the same as every other language – no far more, no fewer, Therefore Enable’s not about-idealize or or else idolize it. Which also signifies that The easiest method to understand the refined and sophisticated poetry of this kind of grand master of poetry, philosophy, and in many cases science as Nizami should be to depend on educational editions of his poems and on Expert translations or commentary – considering that each word has a variety of meanings, Primarily with regards to the context, and sometimes at the same time means various issues – and of course The point that Nizami wrote in 12th century and we are in twenty first century would not enable Considerably possibly. That's why, Except any person Here's an academician and will generate scholarly qualifications of becoming proficient in 12th century Dari, great down a little and hear what planet-renowned scholars really need to say. Becoming a native speaker of the twenty first century Persian/Farsi just isn't ample – Specifically considering the fact that Significantly of our conversations centers on various historic facts and references.

Also considering the fact that he does not have a adequate expertise in the Persian language, and he isn't a scholar of Persian litearture, his polemic can not be included in the references. Else I've some polemic performs (or could get access to it) by an Armenian/Iranian/Russian authors and I may Acquire each of the textual content right here to this point, and make a polemic perform.

12) As per really serious Armenian Students read the full info here in Persian poetry There's a fantastic level of them outlined from the article underneath:

a similar matter is finished with Rome. A good deal review of people who were being in a roundabout way of roman descent were being and remain labled as romans. some emperors are labled as romans, some architects are labled as romans, some poets are labled as romans, and so on...

نخستين نويسنده‌ي پان‌تركيست مي‌نويسد: «يكي ازاسناد مهمي كه ازحضور اقوام ترك زبان درآذربايجان پيش از اسلام حكايت دارد "اخبار عبدين شريه" [در متن چنين است] است. عبيد در دوره جاهليت در يمن به دنيا آمده و يكي ازمعمرين و جهانديدگان دوره خلافت معاويه بوده است. معاويه اورا به دمشق دعوت كرد و از اخبار عرب و ملوك آن قوم جويا شد و وي به پرسش‌هاي معاويه پاسخ داد. به دستور معاويه اخبار او تدوين گرديد […] درجريان گفتگوي عبيد با معاويه دوبار ازآذربايجان سخن به ميان آمده است.

Согласен с этим заключением и другой известный востоковед, академик Марр: «Низами является своим для Кавказа, в частности для той этнической группировки, которая до последнего времени сохраняла персидскую традицию в своей литературе, то есть для Азербайджана, где гянджинский поэт все-таки более в почете, чем в Персии» (Ю.

As per Afagh, she was a slave Female despatched to Nizami as being a present. And she simply might have learned Persian, Kurdish.. (you don't need to have instruction to master to converse in various languages. As time passes it develops. Additionally Nizami experienced at the very least two other wives).

Without a doubt in the post over, [Stalin] (certainly one of the best mass murderers in heritage) writes: Stalin even quoted passages from Nizami exhibiting that he was compelled to put in writing in Persian language due to the fact he was not allowed to talk with his people today inside their indigenous language

four) The user promises that I explained Nizamis 3rd wife was Afaq. This is certainly just a Phony lie and I'd advise the user not to error The full short article, as becoming created by me. Without a doubt different men and women after some time have contributed to it. The phrase Afaq isn't Appaq. No manuscript has the phrase Afaq and Reported Nafisi has demonstrated appropriately that Nizami just suggest that his wife was his horizon and the examining by Vahid Dastgerdi that Afaq was the name of his spouse is in dispute. Here's a serious scholar of Persian whose native language is Persian.

I also btw have some investigate within the physical characteristics of Turks and Oghuz Turks from Arabic/Persian literature and they are mongloid and it is obvious to most scholars that Azarbaijan rebublic experienced a linguistic shift without A great deal DNA variation. Kaputsins sturdy statement and Stalins manipulations are currently outlined And that i won't undergo.

4) Fourthly Nizami works by using Perso-arabic script. Not Azarbaijani script. And he does not say naharand, but he states nakharand. I'm able to go through the initial Persian script and so be sure to do not produce Bogus promises. You were not there to here Nizami pronouncing. Persian has kh and Nizami has written kh. If some a single properly verses inside of a language, he would pronounce it like the speakers of that language!

“There, exactly where in between gloomy mountains the melancholy was stretched, She did not know anything more pleasurable than milk.

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